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Independent of Climate Change and Weather Tides are created by solar system gravity and so are not affected by climate change or weather like other  renewables such as hydroelectric dams, bio-fuels, solar and wind power. Predictable, Regular and Frequent Tidal currents are a form of ocean power that is predictable, regular, frequent and inexhaustible. Tidal energy  provides absolute certainity of resource availability.  Ocean Resonances Tides are driven by resonances in ocean basins. In a local region tidal currents depend on the continental shelf form,  tidal phase delays around large islands, the local seabed bathymetry and the resistance to flow of the local seabed.   Tidal Resource Surveys HydroGen can undertake preliminary tidal energy and environmental resource surveys. In conjunction with partners  HydroGen can also provide detailed technical assessments of tidal resources and ongoing environmental modellng. Tidal Resource Model  When tidal turbines are installed the pattern of tidal currents can change substantially. In conjunction with partners  HydroGen can, with precision survey data, model and predict the AFTER installation conditions that regulators want. 
Tides  Reliable and Predictable Renewable Energy
Point Kiwain Demonstration Site in Torres Strait