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Advanced turbine technology HydroGen’s cross-flow tidal turbines turn with high torque at low  speed and so are safe for marine life. Cross-flow turbines operate  efficiently when the tidal flow changes and in turbulent water.  Tidal jetties, bridges, wharves and platforms HydroGen’s modular turbines are installed in inshore, shallow water  structures where fast currents occur and close to site of use. Water  flows around single turbines; our close arrays retain flow and power. Dispatchable Baseload Power When combined with an energy storage system (such as batteries,  compressed-air or pumped-hydro) of relatively small known capacity  tidal renewable energy systems can provide dispatcable (demand  following) bulk, base-load, zero-emission ‘Green Power’. Least Cost Grid Power Ultimately tidal power when scaled up and mature will have a cost  structure similar to hydroelectric power. ‘Long term’ (after  amortization) hydroelectric power plants produce power cheaper  than fossil fuel power stations.  
Technology Modular Tidal Power Stations
Modular scalable systems Containerized global delivery Minimal site construction Easy remote area installation
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Monitoring and Maintenance HydroGen can provide on-line real-time power and condition monitoring to support grid connection and maintenance.
Desalination Option HydroGen has developed fully integrated, tide-driven reverse osmosis desalination