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Tidal Reefs Early environmental investigations have found that installing tidal current turbines can have a positive outcome for marine habitat. Fast currents remove the fine silt that allows marine vegetation to establish, resulting in baren course gravel and/or bare rock on the seabed. By slowing fast currents vegetation can grow on the seabed. Furthermore the structures supporting the turbines have been found to become artificial reefs attracting and sheltering small fish.
Environment Beneficial to marine life
Reducing storm damage and sealevel rise impact Climate change is increasing the frequency of severe storms and storm damage to coastlines and coastal infrastructure. Jetties and breakwaters containing tidal turbines and tidal reefs diminish wave and current induced storm damage. Sea level rise increases the destructive effect of storms. Tidal turbines do not reduce but slow storm surges. HydroGen is supporting research efforts to use tidal currents to pump cooler subsurface seawater over coral reefs in danger of heat stress induced coral bleaching.